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Vintage Bronze Lord Ganesha Elephant Hindu Statue

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Vintage Bronze Lord Ganesha Elephant Hindu Statue. Ganesha Is The Formless Divinity - Encapsulated In A Magnificent Form, For The Benefit Of The Devotee.  As Per Hindu Mythology, He Is The Son Of Lord Shiva And Goddess Parvati.  Ganesha Is The Hindu Belief That It's Energy Is The Reason For The Universe.  It Is Believed To Be The Same Energy From Which Everything Manifests And Into Which Everything Will Dissolve. Ganesha's Big Belly Represents Generosity And Total Acceptance And The Upraised Hand Depicts Protection.  The Lowered Hand, Palm Facing Outwards Means Endless Giving As Well As Invitation To Bow Down.  There Is Also The Symbolic Belief That All Will Dissolve Into The Earth One Day.  The Tusk Signifies One-Pointedness.  In His Hand He Carries The Ankusa Which Signifies Awakening And The Paasa Which Signifies Control.  The Elephant-Headed God Travels On A Small Mouse Pictured Above.  This Symbolizes The Fact That The Mouse Snips And Nibbles Away At Ropes That Bind.  The Mouse Is Like The Mantra Which Can Cut Through Sheaths And Sheaths of Ignorance, Leading To The Ultimate Knowledge Represented By Ganesha!  The Enormous Head Of The Elephant Signifies Wisdom And Knowledge.  Elephants Don't Walk Around Obstacles, Neither Are They Stopped By Them.  They Just Remove Them And Walk Ahead, Which Signifies Effortlessness.  So, It Is Believed That When Lord Ganesha Is Worshiped That Its Qualities Are Kindled Within That Individual.  The Statue Measures 12 1/2" x 6".